Sunday, May 1, 2011

Life in a Day trailer... the movie shot by the people

Life in a Day has one of the best trailers around.  It has created a lot of buzz after several film festivals.  The film is directed by the Oscar winning, documentary filmmaker, Kevin Macdonald.  Let me start by sharing the premise of the documentary film, as explained by the filmmakers, Check out the trailer and read my comments below:
On July 24, 2010, thousands of people around the world uploaded videos of their lives to YouTube to take part in Life in a Day, a historic cinematic experiment to create a documentary film about a single day on earth.

Now, it's time to watch their story unfold on the big screen.

I've often let my mind wonder and think about what others are doing at the exact same moment as I am, across the globe.  Life in a Day does exactly that.  It shows us how we're not alone on this planet, there are others that are perhaps dealing with the same fears or celebrating the same successes, we are all tied together as the human race.  Last year a similar premise was brought the big screen with Babies; four babies from across the globe were filmed in their first year of life.  It was touching and engrossing, I'm sure Life in a Day will be no different.

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