Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zookeeper trailer, this is supposed to be funny?

This is a look at the new Kevin James "comedy", Zookeeper.  I better be careful with what I say right now. At first look, Paul Blart: Mall Cop looked ridiculous as well.  That movie went on to make a boat load of money!  Check out the trailer to Zookeeper and read my thoughts after.

Ok, wow.  Even Adam Sandler's voice as the monkey is terrible.  I mean, from a business perspective, I see what they're going for.  It's like Dr. Dolittle meets Night at the Museum sort of thing.  But step back and look at this trailer as unbiased as possible; it looks terrible!  I mean it looks really really bad!  Go figure Rosario Dawson is in ;0)

I'll absolutely be skipping this one at the theater as well as the dollar redbox; HBO on demand, you're my only friend.

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