Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Edward Norton may play the villain in The Bourne Legacy

It's been a long time since I've blogged about the next 'Bourne' film, titled The Bourne Legacy.  Maybe because it doesn't feel right without Matt Damon?  But, Hollywood doesn't care what I think.  A fourth Bourne film will be made and it will star Jeremy Renner in the part made famous by Damon.  I'm ok with the casting of Renner, he will do great, no doubt.  That's three viable franchises at once folks.  The Bourne films, The Avengers (where he'll play Hawkeye), and the Mission: Impossible films he's taking over from Tom Cruise

Today comes rumors that Edward Norton could play the villain.  This is spectacular because you all should know I think Norton is a great actor.  Yes, I also think he's a jerk and that's why directors can't work with him.  But he knows how to play a villain.  I doubt this movie will have a goofy tone the way his character was portrayed in The Italian Job; I think it will be darker like the world Matt Damon inhabited.  Either way, I'm psyched about the casting rumor and hope it's true.  Anyone else think Norton is worth the trouble?

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