Sunday, December 4, 2011

Alice Eve cast in Star Trek 2 and Benicio Del Torro is NOT playing Khan

Except for Cloverfield, I'm a huge fan of J.J. Abrams' work.  I recently saw Super 8 and absolutely loved it.  I feel like Abrams' love letter to movie making was better than Scorsese's in Hugo.  Anywho, he rebooted Star Trek a few years ago in grand fashion.  The perfect mix of action, comedy, drama and winks to the fanboys.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film and look forward to the sequel.  Well this week brings casting news about that sequel.

The beautiful, the lovely, the gorgeous, the charming.... OK I have a little crush on this actress, don't tell my wife.  Alice Eve has been cast in a major role for the sequel.  Earlier this year she was supposed to play Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class.  Ultimately Eve dropped out and we got the worst aspect of the film instead, January Jones.  Hopefully that wont be the case with a Star Trek sequel.  No specifics on who she will play, but I like it!  She doesn't do too many films, but I find her a delight in a lot of what she does.  I loved her in She's Out Of My League and her story arc on HBO's "Entourage".  Interested in who/what she'll play in the film.

Another casting rumor has been laid to rest in relation to this sequel.  We already knew Benicio Del Toro was cast in the film; but his character had not yet been announced.  The rumor mills ran wild this week with most of the internet chatter claiming Del Toro was set to play Khan.  For those (like me) who are not huge Trekkers; Khan is a primary villain in the Star Trek mythos and also the film, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  With Abrams' version being a reboot, it wasn't too far fetched to expect this villain would pop up eventually.  But now, Abrams says, Del Toro will NOT be playing Khan.

So help me out Trekkers.  Who do you think Benicio Del Toro

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