Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises official trailer, screenshot breakdown

The poster was revealed just a few days ago.  And now, the world gets a glimpse into the next Batman film; The Dark Knight Rises.  Very few movies get the kind of buzz this movie receiving.  Is it well deserved?  Over-hyped?  Check out the trailer below and my thoughts after.

I had to watch it four or five times in a row before I calmed down, feel free to do the same if need be.  I am thoroughly impressed with the trailer.  It gives us plenty to salivate over, but still keeps the entire story a mystery.  Director Christopher Nolan is a genius at doing that.  The trailers to his films never give anything away, but still keep us wanting more.  There are a few screen shots I'd like to go over very quickly.

The Robin references

Check out the top of three pictures.  See the extras holding up the sign to the fictional Gotham City Rogue?  Notice the "R" in the word Rogue?  It looks awfully similar to the "R" used in the solo comic book, "Robin".  I think it's pretty safe to assume that the character Robin will not be in the film; both Nolan and star Christian Bale have debunked that rumor.  But check out the second tidbit.

NFL wide receiver, Hines Ward, plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers in real life.  He and other Steeler players were recruited for these football scenes you see in the trailer.  What's VERY interesting is the player's last name.  Actor Burt Ward, played the character Robin in the 1960's "Batman" TV series.  Pretty cool huh?

The man holding the cane?

Is that Bruce Wayne?  And if it is, does that mean the villain, Bane, breaks the back of Batman, as he did in the comics?  My guess is that it is Bruce Wayne.  There is another shot of Bane standing over an obviously hurt Bruce Wayne, where he delivers his only line of the trailer.  Broken back?

Mongolian Prison?

Remember all the way back to Batman Begins, when Bruce Wayne is in a Mongolian prison?  Check out the shots to the left.  Christian Bale is sporting the same beard and longer hair he did in 'Begins'.  I don't know much about Bane as far as the comic are concerned, but what I do know is, he was raised in a prison.  The country in the comics is different, but this could fit nicely into the Nolan trilogy.  What if Bruce Wayne and Bane had an altercation in prision, and Bane is holding a grudge?  Awesome!

The TumblerS

Did you notice all the Tumblers in the trailer?  How about the incredible looking Batwing?  It looks like the Tumblers, which was designed by Wayne Enterprises, have been called into action to accompany the Gotham PD.  What's even more interesting is, in the shot below, there are two of them riding alongside Batman in the Batwing.  Is that Commissioner Gordon and the Joseph Gordan-Levitt character, John Blake?  Or maybe it's Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman.  And I love what Nolan has done with the Batwing.  It appears to be more of a hovercraft than a plane, like it has been depicted in past films.  This helps to keep the movie grounded in reality.  The Tim Burton Batwing flew threw the air and up to the moon; which looked great, but makes no practical sense whatsoever.  I like the Batwing a lot more than I did the Batpod.

I know I don't usually write this much about a trailer, but I had to.  It's too exciting not to.  I am a huge fan of the films, and the character.  I don't have a doubt in my mind, Christopher Nolan will deliver an epic conclusion to this amazing trilogy.  I can't wait until July 20th of 2012 arrives!

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