Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol review, the best of the franchise!

The Mission: Impossible franchise has been huge for Tom Cruise, who plays international spy, Ethan Hunt.  These movies have had some of the best directors in the game.  Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is directed by Brad Bird.  Bird made his name at Pixar in animation, and this is his first trip to live-action.  And what a trip it is, let's begin!

What I liked about the film:
The Team (Actors)
Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise.  Hate him or love him, the man can act.  When emotion is needed, he's there.  He brought a humanity to the role that helps the audience care about his character, and not just view him as a droid. Simon Pegg is back, and out of the office in this film.  He's definitely steals every scene he's in and has some of the best lines in the film.  Paula Patton is stunning when she needs to be, and kick-ass as well.  She did a great job.  Jeremy Renner is the newest addition, and is rumored to be taking over the franchise after 'Ghost Protocol'.  His character is a mysterious one, and Renner has to gain the audience's trust, while keeping us confused.  Josh Holloway has a small, but terrific role in the film!  Fans of the series, "Lost" will appreciate his role.  The chemistry between the actors is evident and really helps us believe they are a team.

The Story/ Heist
The story in this film is the best of the series.  The characters are working without the support of their agency, IMF.  They're hiding in the shadows, using make-shift equipment and laying low.  The movie takes us all over the world, but each location serves a purpose in the plan to save the world.  It felt a bit creepy because I got a sense of "this could really happen", and I knew I was watching a big-budget spy film.  Pay close attention to the hotel heist, which is actually two heists in one!  The way it plays out is spectacular.

The Action
The trailer showcases the unbelievable sequence at the Burj hotel in Dubai, with Cruise dangling on the side of the building.  I watched the film on a regular screen, not IMAX, and became dizzy of the sheer scope of the sequence.  It's terrific.  That's just one of several sequences in the film.  Wait until you see the chase in a sand storm.  The heists in the film are perfectly orchestrated.  And what I really appreciated was, every character was an essential part of the plan.  The sequences are easy to follow and very entertaining.

The Director
If anyone, EVER doubted Brad Bird, they should all be apologizing right now.  I was really excited when Bird was announced as director.  Granted he came from animation, but his movies have been amazing.  His direction is the best of the MI franchise.  No disrespect to the past greats who have directed these films (Brian De Palma, John Woo, J.J. Abrams); but Bird takes the cake.  What's interesting is, the series has had four different directors with four very different styles.  Everything from sleek and stylish slow-mo, to fast paced, high intensity action.  Bird's choices are spot on; everything from sets, costume, score, editing, pacing, are terrific.  I hope this opens the major studio's eyes as to what animation directors are capable of.  Nicely done.

What I didn't like about the film:
The Villain
This is something I complain about a lot; we need a real villain to justify all this action!  The main villain in 'Ghost Protocol' is barely in the movie.  He's played by Michael Nyqvist.  Except for a news story, and a fight towards the end, the villain is never there.  Granted his plan is diabolical, but we need to see him more to feel the pressure the characters do.  The script is very good, but I believe the villain was never fleshed out.

The Verdict:
The best of the franchise by far
These movies have all been well done, but 'Ghost Protocol' is the best so far.  I doubt this is the last we've seen of Tom Cruise playing Ethan Hunt.  The movie is doing big numbers and Renner, as great as he is, is no Tom Cruise.  Cruise has international appeal that Renner just doesn't have yet.  So I'm sure if the script is well written, Cruise will be back.  The actors, the script, the direction are all top notch.  Check it out this weekend and let us know what you think!

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Rahul said...

MI 4: Ghost Protocol gifts you a munificent entertainment by lurking your senses in for a sophisticated gizmo treat, peppered with flamboyant action brimming over Soviet-US suspicion of nuclear threat!!! Not raking in the moolah any smug stuff, MI 4 piques applause but more when Tom Cruise plays over ''Burj Khalifa''. Certainly with no plan, no backup Tom cruise and team eke out accomplishment alluringly !!!! Kudos ,thumbs up, Encore !!!!