Saturday, December 10, 2011

Patty Jenkins pulling out of Thor 2; who takes it over now?

"Creative differences".  I always wonder what that really means when someone quits, or is fired from a film.  Patty Jenkins is quitting Thor 2, the sequel to the hugely successful superhero film from 2011.  She and Marvel had "creative differences" and she's out.  I'm sure it will take months, if not years, before we find out why she really quit.  But for now, who should take over?  The studio is looking at Alan Taylor, who has directed a lot of TV series.  Everything from "Lost" to "The Sopranos", "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men".  That would be an interesting choice; he could easily handle the dramatic aspect of the character.

The studio is also looking at Daniel Minahan, another TV director.  Minahan has directed "Six Feet Under", "Deadwood", "True Blood", and coincidentally, "Game of Thrones".  I see what Marvel is attempting here.  They're stingy bastards and want someone cheaper who will do whatever they want.

This supports my theory that Kenneth Branagh didn't agree to a sequel because he wasn't going to be Marvel's errand boy.  Maybe I'm just getting away from the point here.  But this same thing keeps happening as far as talent quitting Marvel films; and it can't always be a coincidence!  i.e. Jon Favreau off Iron Man 3; Edward Norton off The Avengers; Kenneth Branagh, and now Jenkins off Thor 2.  Some of these examples could have been personal decisions and difficult talent (Norton).  But seriously?  The studio has already gained the reputation of a stingy bunch of people that want to oversee everything!  I remember thinking once; maybe it's a good thing they're like this?  All of their movies do well, so I guess one could argue: if it aint broke, don't fix it.

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