Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This Means War poster and international trailer; Tom Hardy and Chris Pine are spy vs. spy for Reese Witherspoon

I remember those crazy spy vs. spy comic strips, don't you?  Well this is taking that concept to a whole other level.  Tom Hardy and Chris Pine play secret agents vying for Reese Witherspoon's love.  When they both find out they're dating her at the same time, craziness ensues.  The two try to sabotage each other.  Check out the trailer for This Means War below and my thoughts after.

This...looks...great!  I love the tone, and the mix of action and comedy.  Reese Witherspoon has never looked better.  Hardy and Pine are believable friends; and that is important.  If there's no onscreen chemistry with the three leads, I'm sure the movie fails.  I will most definitely be seeing this!  How about you?

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