Sunday, January 1, 2012

Alan Taylor, officially accepts offer to direct Thor 2

It's been a crazy roller coaster finding a director for Thor 2.  First Kenneth Branagh decides not to return to the franchise after he did an exceptional job on Thor.  Then Patty Jenkins, director of Monster, signs on for the sequel.  Then she drops out due to whatever reason Marvel would have us believe.  And the search was on.  Alan Taylor and Daniel Minahan were both considered, with Taylor ultimately getting the job.

Both candidates have directed a lot of television.  Coincidently, they've both directed episodes of the critically acclaimed "Games of Thrones" on HBO.  Taylor has quite a bit more experience.  I'm pretty happy with this selection.  Taylor's resume is impressive, and extensive.

I don't mean to take away from Taylor's qualifications, but really, the movie is going to make a lot of money regardless of who directs.  That doesn't mean we should be ok with anything Taylor shoots, it's simply stating a fact.  Even the WORST of superhero movies (Green Lantern) make money.  Let's hope Taylor lives up to the quality of film Branagh has given us.

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