Monday, January 2, 2012

Daredevil reboot on track, first draft of the script has been turned in

Remember the 2003 Marvel superhero film, Daredevil?  It starred Ben Afleck and Jennifer Gardner.  Don't worry, most people don't either.  I was one of the very few that enjoyed this movie.   It's better than some of the other trash director Mark Steven Johnson has put out.  Remember the first Ghost Rider?   Or how about the God awful When in Rome?  If you didn't like the 2003 film, have no fear, Fox studios is giving it a reboot.

The first draft of the script has been turned in, and the search for a director has begun.  From what I'm reading online, the script is supposed to be very good.  I wont hold my breath though, that's what I was 'reading online' about Green Lantern as well.  This version is supposed to be "dark" (the term everyone is quick to describe their superhero movie).

The Daredevil reboot is written by Brad Caleb Kane, who has worked with Fox in the past.  He was a writer on "Fringe".  I'm down for a reboot, because I think the character is interesting and hasn't been totally explored in film.  I wonder if anyone shares my enthusiasm for this character.

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