Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey movie poster and trailer

I am a huge fan of the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Peter Jackson masterfully took us to Middle Earth, where we began to believe in the unbelievable.  Trolls, wizards and hobbits galore.  The trilogy was a huge success to say the least.  The three films were shot back-to-back-to-back; at the time, an unprecedented move.  The author of the books in which the movies were based on is J.R R. Tolkien.  Tolkein also wrote The Hobbit, a prequel to the three books that made him famous.  Ironically, The Hobbit is sub-titled "An Unexpected Journey".  And what an unexpected journey it has been for this film.

First Peter Jackson was in, then out.  Then there were lawsuits between Jackson and the studio.  Then there was a workers strike in New Zealand where the film was set to be shot.  Then Jackson agrees to produce, rather than direct.  Then Guillermo Del Toro was to take over the franchise, then HE drops out.  And what do you know?  Jackson is back in the directors chair.  The book has been split into two films, which will film back-to-back, much like the original trilogy.  Check out the trailer below and my thoughts after.

I love it!, I loved the original trilogy, so this is a bit biased on my part.  What I enjoy the most about Jackson returning?... the continuity in tone.  The original films had a tone that was unlike any other action/adventure/drama.  With just a few seconds of film, you could tell it was one of the three films.  Jackson has managed to bring back that same tone to the prequel.  The score is going to be epic I'm sure.  And what about the creepy shot of Gollum?   That character alone should be worth watching the film.  I'm pumped about the first trailer, how about you?  Let me know via Twitter.

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