Friday, January 6, 2012

Matthew Vaughn may not direct Kick-Ass 2?

It's been over a year since it was reported Kick-Ass 2 was green lit.  At the time it seemed like a sure thing that Matthew Vaughn would direct it as well.  Now?  Not so much.  Jane Goldman, who co-wrote the first film, with Vaughn, says he may not return.  Here is what she had to say:
I think the only thing that is fairly sure is that right now, Matthew doesn’t have any plans to direct it.  He and I are not currently talking about writing it either.  It may well be that Matthew oversees it in a producer role, and I may also be involved in that capacity.  I know that there is somebody that Matthew has been talking to who would be interested in writing and directing that.  That would be cool.
Seriously?!  Damn it.  Vaughn was the brains behind the first Kick-Ass and made the best Summer film in 2011 with X-Men: First Class.  This is some sad news.  I've been reading the comic book sequel that the film would be based on, and it's pretty good.  Mark Millar has a unique writing style that fits into the film world Vaughn and company created with the first movie.  We'll have to wait and see who this "somebody" is that Vaughn is talking to.

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