Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Mummy reboot of a reboot, coming soon

Universal Pictures was built by movie monsters.  Everything from Dracula to Frankenstein to the Wolf Man and The Mummy.  The last on the list was a classic that would be rebooted some 70 years later.  In 1999, Stephen Sommers directed Brendan Fraser and Reachel Weisz in an action-adventure version of the horror classic.  Between 1999 and 2008, two sequels and a Scorpion King trilogy spin-off were made.

This week, Universal announced it would reboot the reboot.  They have hired Jon Spaihts to write the film.  He recently wrote the script for Prometheus.  The studio is promising a "dark" version of the character.  It's funny, that seems to be the word used in Hollywood for any reboot.

I'm on the fence about this news.  I thoroughly enjoyed the special effects and Indian Jones style of the trilogy, but don't know if I need more of the character.  How about you guys, do you need/care about more Mummy films?

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