Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chronicle director helping to develop Fantastic Four reboot

Josh Trank may not direct it, but he's definitely helping to develop it.  What is "it"?  The Fantastic Four reboot we've been hearing about forever, over at Fox.  Trank gained a lot of attention after Chronicle.  It was an amazing character study intertwined with super powers.  So Fox wants to be in the Josh Trank business I'm sure.  He's going to assist in the development and wait on deciding to direct the film, until after he's read the script.

I remember posting that Trank may direct the Spider-Man spin-off, Venom.  But he may be too busy for that now.  He's also reportedly signed on to adapt the graphic novel, "The Red State", for Warner Brothers.  So what now?  I don't know.  I think he'll pigeon hold himself into the superhero/graphic novel genre with all these movies.  We'll see what ends up actually happening, versus what's being speculated.

The image above is from deviantART artist, JPRart.

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