Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hans Zimmer will score Man of Steel

It wasn't a sure thing as recently as a year ago.  And now it is, Hans Zimmer will score the latest Superman film, Man of Steel.  I am a huge fan of this man's work.  His music can be heard in such films as The Lion King, The Dark Knight and Inception.  But the real issue here is, this is a lose/lose situation.

For 2006's Superman Returns, director Bryan Singer opted to stick with the iconic Superman theme created by John Williams for the 1978 film.  That theme is what most of us grew up to.  That was probably a smart move by Singer.  His Superman fit into the universe created in the '78 film, so why screw up a good thing?

But Man of Steel promises a completely revamped Superman.  So how does Zimmer win over the fans of the original theme?  It's simple, do what he's always done!  Zimmer has ALREADY had to come in for another superhero and re-create the theme.  In 1989, Danny Elfman also created an iconic theme to a superhero... Batman.  When Christopher Nolan rebooted the franchise, Zimmer was able to come in and create an entirely new sound for the character.  I love his work and have no doubt he will create a new theme we'll be humming long after watching the film.

superman theme
John Williams' classic Superman Theme.

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