Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ben Affleck may direct AND star in the Justice League movie?

It's turning into a comic book movie news kind of day.   Variety is reporting that Ben Affleck is in talks to direct (and star) in Warner Brothers' Justice League movie.  This comes a day after Whedon was officially announced as the director of The Avengers 2.   This is very interesting.  Since The Town, Warner Brothers has wanted to stay in the business of Ben Affleck.  He has been rumored for all sorts of projects at the studio, none as big as this!

Ready for this.... I think Ben Affleck would be PERFECT to direct a Justice League film.  The Town proved a few things.  1, Affleck can direct a very real, very gritty film.  His work in that film was terrific, and there were even whispers of an Oscar nomination.  2, he can direct action.  The Town had several, very well choreographed, bank heists that left the audience speechless.  It would take that same skill set to produce action worthy enough of its main characters.

There's a catch to all this hypothetical news, Affleck wants to also be one of the stars in the film.  Variety does stress the fact that this is all rumor at this point, but it makes sense.  Financially, the movie could be huge for Affleck, if he is to direct and star.  Not sure what role he would take, but it's probably safe to assume it wont be Superman.  Man of Steel, due out next Summer, has been reported to be in the same 'universe' as the Justice League movie.  So what about Affleck directing, a good idea?  Who should he play?

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