Thursday, August 9, 2012

Harry Potter director, David Yates, joins the Justice League rumor mill

That didn't take long.  Two days after it was announced that Joss Whedon would be directing The Avengers 2, and just one day after Ben Affleck was rumored to be attached to the Justice League film, comes this.  Another of Warner Brothers favorite directors, David Yates, has been thrown into the mix.  Yates directed the final 4 of 8 Harry Potter films.

This is interesting to me.  I thouroghly enjoy David Yates' distinct style.  He could easily create a world for these superhero characters to live in.  If you've seen any of the recent Potter films, you know he can tell a story while building character arcs.  And I think that is important to note.  What Christopher Nolan did so well with his Dark Knight trilogy was make us care about the man, before we cared about the mask.  I think Zack Snyder is taking the same approach to his Man of Steel, the Superman film.

This bit of 'news' tells me something... WB is looking to fast track the film.  This is good news for geeks everywhere.  Let's just hope it's not completely screwed up.

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