Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All in one Day: Disney buys LucasFilm, 3 new Star Wars films announced, AND Bryan Singer to direct X-Men

What; A; Day!  Wednesday October 30th is a day that will live in geek-infamy.  Cases of nerdgasims have swept the nation.  Disney has purchased LucasFilm for an estimated 4 billion dollars.  That's right, the Star Wars franchise, characters, merchandising, are all property of Disney.  Not just that; Disney will acquire special effects house, Industrial Light & Magic, as well as the sound effects company, Skywalker Sound.  Ready for the icing on top?  Disney ALSO gets the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise.  Ho-ly wow!  This is just too much.  But for founder of all these goodies, George Lucas, it's brilliant.  He is 68 years old and is ready to retire.  And Lucas put it best, this is a 'retirement plan' for him because Disney will allow a whole new generation to continue his work.

Almost immediately after announcing the purchase, news came that a new Star Wars film would be released in 2015.  And yes, it is a continuation of the first 6 films.  An Episode 7 is coming folks, hate it or love it.  2 additional sequels will be released after that.  I personally don't care for the Star Wars franchise and don't really feel one way or another about this piece of news.  I know there are millions of Star Wars fans, but it just doesn't do it for me.

And finally, this gem.  We were all sad about Matthew Vaughn dropping out of X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to X-Men: First Class.  But wait.. director Bryan Singer will indeed take over the franchise he helped pioneer!  Singer directed the first two X-Men films, and left the franchise before the quality of the films went down hill.  I'm very excited by this news and trust that Singer will bring quality to this franchise.  I'm still waiting to hear Vaughn's excuse for leaving... nothing yet.

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