Friday, October 12, 2012

Quickie: Sony hires a writer for Jon Chu's He-Man film

Sony has hired Richard Wenk to write the Jon Chu directed reboot, He-Man.  Wenk has written such action films as The Mechanic starring Jason Statham, and The Expendables 2 starring Statham and everyone else as well.  I think he'll do a great job of writing the mythology, settings and set pieces; but what about characters?  The movies I mentioned above, as well as his other work, lacked one thing.... character.  For me to really care, this can't be another Green Lantern film.  We've got to care about the characters for us to care about the action.  Here's hoping Wenk doesn't ruin my childhood hero.

In the spirit of Halloween coming up, here's a fun pic of me as a kid.

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