Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chris Pratt cast as the leader of Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel

Ok, so as much as I love comic book movies; I've neglected to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, at all.  And 'why', you might ask?  Because there wasn't really anything to talk about.  Sure the movie was announced months ago, and a director was been hired (James Gunn); but no cast, no story, nothing else.  Until now.

Yesterday, it was announced that Chris Pratt (Zero Dark Thirty, "Parks and Recreation") will star in the Marvel Comics adaptation.  Pratt bulked up, big time, for Zero Dark Thirty; so I have no doubt he'll do the same for this film.  Plus, he is HILARIOUS!  His character is by far my favorite on NBC's "Parks and Recreation".  He's just a lovable, innocent guy who loves life.  And a huge part of Marvel movies' success has been the humor in them.

I am not going to pretend I know much about Guardians of the Galaxy, as far as the comics are concerned.  But here's what I found out after a Wikipedia browse:
Pratt will play Peter Quill, or Star-Lord.  He is half man, half alien and is a policeman that patrols multiple planets.  The character is an exceptional leader, and is very smart.

I think Pratt will nail this.  And it doesn't hurt that Marvel has basically nailed every one of its casting choices, when it comes to its movies.  Gunn is an interesting hire as well.  I loved what he did with Super, starring Rain Wilson.  It was dark, demented, and funny.  Oh, and it was about a man who dressed up as a superhero.  So, what do you think about Gunn directing Pratt in this Marvel adaptation?

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