Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thor: The Dark World poster and trailer

I really enjoyed the first Thor film back in 2011.  It was a pleasant surprise, that I didn't really see coming.  Director, Alan Taylor, takes over the franchise starring Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman.  This one is titled Thor: The Dark World.  Check out the trailer below and read my thoughts after.

I think it's interesting.  I like the darker tone.  I know I say that all the time, but it's true.  The darker toned films are bringing out the best (and worst) in our caped heroes.  I don't know if showing Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) was really necessary.  Afterall, he was the primary villain in The Avengers, just last Summer.  And did anyone else notice Thor's female friend on Asgard, Lady Sif, giving Natalie Portman a dirty look?!  This is right out of the pages of the comics, and I love the brief, yet effective, nod to the comics.  Listen, Marvel hasn't let us down yet, except for Iron Man 2.  I have no reason to believe this wasn't a great script, telling a great story.  The actors are all top notch, and the world they inhabit is fascinating.  I'm in!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Justin Theroux as Dr. Strange?

Oh how the internet is a-buzzing.  The rumor is picking up steam; that Justin Theroux (Wanderlust), is being sought after by Marvel, to play Dr. Strange.  A few months ago, Stan Lee confirmed that Dr. Strange was coming to the big screen, as a part of Marvels 'Phase 3' films.

I really enjoy Theroux as an actor.  And he may be an even better writer (Tropic Thunder).  He's diverse enough.  He damn well looks the part.  I think I'm ok with this.  He may not seem the immediate choice, but which superhero acting choice ever is?  You're going to tell me, you KNEW Robert Downey Jr. would kill it as Iron Man?  Or Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury?  Yeah, ok, that's a bad example because there is no one else that could have played Nick Fury, but you get my drift.

I am ok with this casting choice.  It's still really early, but it's cool to see that the studio has SOME movement on this, albeit very slow.

Hayley Atwell as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider?

It's funny how something as simple as a 're-tweet' on Twitter can create internet buzz.  Let me back up a moment.  Lara Croft, of Tomb Raider fame, is a video game icon.  The character first premiered in 1996, and was completely rebooted this year.  I actually own the game, and tell you first hand... it's incredible.  Easily one of the best games of the year, if not ever.  You may remember the character was portrayed by Angelina Jolie in two films for Paramount.  That being said, MGM has picked up the film rights.

It seems as though fans are excited about Hayley Atwell (Captain America: The First Avenger), possibly playing the part.  Atwell is excited too.  She re-tweeted several comments about herself possibly playing the part.  Now I'm not here to write an entire post about her Twitter account.  My question is, could she do it?  She's obviously beautiful, but can she play vulnerable?  The game is about 20 hours from start to finish; and the game creators took a lot of time to get it right.  There was so much emotion and character developement to go along with the all out action.  After finishing the game, I don't see Atwell in it.  But it's still so early in the process, and it's just fun to speculate sometimes.

Quickie: First photo of Jamie Foxx as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I was really psyched about Jamie Foxx playing a villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  I think he's a terrific actor in the right role.  The Daily Mail revealed the first photo of Foxx in costume on set.  And he... looks... awesome!  I love the makeup and the color used on Foxx.  Hit the link to see a few more photos.  What are your thoughts on the first photo?

R.I.P.D. poster and trailer premiere, no thanks

Another Summer, another comic book adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds.  This year comes, R.I.P.D., which of course stands for Rest In Peace Department.  It's about cops dealing with the dead.  The movie is directed by Robert Schwentke (R.E.D.), and co-stars Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon and Mary-Louise Parker.  Check out the trailer and my thoughts after.  

Well, I'm not interested.  The look and tone of the film are almost identical to Men In Black.  Hell, Jeff Bridges' character is basically the Tommy Lee Jones character in a trench coat.  The creatures look like the giants in Jack the Giant Slayer; and that is definitely NOT  a compliment.  And last but not least, the fact that the characters appear to look different than they really do, is a pretty lame attempt at humor.  I'm not interested at all.  Unless a new trailer comes out contradicting everything in this one, I'm skipping this film.  I'll call it right now, the movie doesn't open Domestically to a penny over 30 million dollars.  We'll have to wait and see.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Man of Steel full length trailer... absolutely incredible

The second full length trailer to Man of Steel has arrived.  And it is easily the best trailer of 2013.  It is absolutely incredible.  Stop reading and start watching.  Read my thoughts after.

Where do I begin?  How about the incredible score by one of the best musical talents of our generation?  Hans Zimmer has been tasked with creating a score for the ages.  If the trailer is any indication, we're in for one hell of a treat.  How about Lois Lane (Amy Adams) trekking across the country, in search of this mysterious man?  Something we've never seen before in a Superman film.  Or the wonderful additions of Clark Kent's loving fathers.  Played perfectly by Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner.  What about the perfectly scary Michael Shannon as General Zod?  He's obviously hell bent on getting Kal-el (Superman), back in his grips.  And last, but not least, this generation's Superman, Henry Cavill?  He's speaking of hope, and not just truth and justice?  He was a fragile boy, wanting a normal life.  Then a reclusive young man, wanting to be left alone; only to come out from the darkness as "the answer", as Kevin Costner puts it. 

Perhaps Director Zack Snyder, and producer Christopher Nolan were the answer.  The answer to the age old question... 'how do you make a great Superman film'?

Monday, April 15, 2013

First official trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

It's here everyone!  The first official trailer to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and it... is... a... doozy.  Check it out below and my thoughts after.  

You can see that new director, Francis Lawrence, has stepped it up a notch. I absolutely love the tension building up in this trailer.  And how about the evil Donald Sutherland and Philip Seymour Hoffman plotting the demise of Katniss (Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence)?  You also see Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson return to battle for Katniss' love.  But none of this is the reason I love the trailer.  It's because 'Every Revolution Begins With A Spark'.  

The reason I love this trailer is because of hope.  The notion of hope in the first movie was something that intrgued me, and made me (pun intended), hungry for more!  In my review of the first film, I wrote about it, and it looks like it's coming full circle in the sequel.  I can't wait to see this film.  For me, I'm anticipating it much more than I did the first film.  How about you?  Are you feeling the tone and tension created in the trailer?  Will you be there at midnight Thursday to watch it?  Chime in!

Now You See Me trailer 2

When the first trailer for Now You See Me premiered, I was pumped.  Check out trailer 2 with a bunch of new footage, and my thoughts after.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I'm a sucker for magic!  I love magic and the notion that something greater than 'normal' could be reality.  Something about the magic mixed with the heist aspect of the film is really doing it for me.  Add Morgan Freemans hypnotic voice and amazing actors such as Michael Caine and I am in.  I am there opening day if I can help it.  What are your thoughts on trailer 2?  See anything different from the first trailer that caught your eye?

Elysium trailer and poster

Elysium is director Neill Blomkamp's follow-up to his epic debut, District 9.  The film stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley, William Fichtner and Diego Luna.  Check out the trailer below and my thoughts after.

I love the cast in this film.  All gifted actors with incredible range.  I also love the premise of this film.  To think that there is a Utopian place called Elysium, and the rest of humanity must suffer on Earth, is an intriguing study in Sociology.  Reminds me a lot of the sociological side of District 9, to tell you the truth.  That's not a bad thing either.  The beginning of the trailer grabbed my attention, the end lost it.  By the end of the trailer, there are no more interesting concepts being presented to the audience.  In fact, I compare the ending of the trailer to that of Battle: Los Angeles.  Not exactly a thought provoking film.  I love the cast, love the premise, hate the trailer.  Anyone else feel this way?  I'll reserve judgement until I see the film, but I'm not interested as of right now.