Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Justin Theroux as Dr. Strange?

Oh how the internet is a-buzzing.  The rumor is picking up steam; that Justin Theroux (Wanderlust), is being sought after by Marvel, to play Dr. Strange.  A few months ago, Stan Lee confirmed that Dr. Strange was coming to the big screen, as a part of Marvels 'Phase 3' films.

I really enjoy Theroux as an actor.  And he may be an even better writer (Tropic Thunder).  He's diverse enough.  He damn well looks the part.  I think I'm ok with this.  He may not seem the immediate choice, but which superhero acting choice ever is?  You're going to tell me, you KNEW Robert Downey Jr. would kill it as Iron Man?  Or Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury?  Yeah, ok, that's a bad example because there is no one else that could have played Nick Fury, but you get my drift.

I am ok with this casting choice.  It's still really early, but it's cool to see that the studio has SOME movement on this, albeit very slow.

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