Monday, May 13, 2013

RED 2 poster and trailer; we're in for a retired roller coaster!

I'm actually a little late with this one.  But I really wanted to share.  The poster above is brand new, from moviefone.  It's for RED 2 directed by Dean Parisot.  It's actually the sequel to the 2010 hit, RED.  And RED is an acronym for Retired and Extremely Dangerous.  Of course!  The characters are right out of a comic book by the same name.  Again, Bruce Willis leads the pack, with Mary-Louise ParkerJohn Malkovich and Helen Mirren in tow.  But there are some new players as well.  The legendary Anthony Hopkins, the absolutely gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones, and G.I. Joe alum, Byung-hun Lee are in for the fun.  Check out the trailer below and my thoughts after.  

I'm going to be positive on this one.  Even though, it's very cliche for an assassin to be 'retired', and then 'un-retire' and then 'retire' and then 'un-retire' for the sake of a sequel.  Follow all that?  Don't worry about it.  The point is, we have to have a suspension of disbelief, and if we do, we're in for a great time.  All the heavy hitters are back from the first film.  And we know the movie is going to play on a lot of the same jokes as the first film.  But this trailer lacks the element of surprise that the first film had to offer.  So I'm going to wait for an additional trailer before I write off the film.  Then again, I wrote off the first film and ended up absolutely loving it.  So what do I know?

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