Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Man of Steel sequel is a go, and who is going to write the Justice League film?

Man of Steel doesn't come out until Friday, but word is, a sequel has already been greenlit by Warner Brothers!  Zack Snyder would return to direct the sequel, and David S. Goyer would write the film.  That's pretty cool that WB has so much confidence in the first film, that they're moving ahead with a second.  But should we get all that excited?  Three years ago, TO THE DAY, Warner Brothers greenlit a sequel to Green Lantern, before the movie was release.  Wellllll, that movie went on to bomb at the box office, and the sequel has since died.  Man of Steel does not appear to be going down the same path, as far as box office success, but who knows?  Anything could happen in Hollywood!

And another tasty morsel of news has been making the rounds today.  Not only will David S. Goyer write a Man of Steel sequel, but a Justice League film as well.  This piece of news I'm not going to get excited about.  Because to be honest with you, I'm sick of the back and forth.  We're making a JL movie!  No, we're going to wait.  We're back on for the JL movie!  Nooo, we're going to hold off a bit.  Come, on!

I will say this, I have total confidence in Goyer.  The man has been a part of a number of successful superhero franchises.  He was a part of the Blade franchise (writing and/or directing all three films).  He was a part of my favorite superhero franchise of all time, The Dark Knight trilogy.  And with mostly positive reviews so far for the Superman reboot, I'd say Goyer has cemented himself amongst the top writers in the genre.  I'm in.  I'm in.  I'm in!  I get to see Man of Steel tomorrow and hope to post the review soon after.

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