Thursday, October 24, 2013

Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster and trailer

Back in 2011, I loved Captain America: The First Avenger.  It's style and tone proposed something that was very different from other Marvel films before it.  It's star, Chris Evans embodied the role of a man that was 'all American'.  He did a great job.  Since then, Evans has starred as a part of The Avengers.  And now he's back, in the next stand alone film, Captain America: Winter Soldier.  Check out the trailer below and my thoughts after.  

Well, remember that style and tone I was talking about earlier?  Yeah, it's pretty much gone.  I mean, I understand the character is in a different time in the world; but the 1940's never looked so good before the first film.  Now, the film has almost a futuristic feel to it.  Everything from the transportation, to the costume, to the weapons; all feel like they're right out of the future.  It's definitely interesting what directors Anthony and Joe Russo have done though.  This character was a 'fish out of water' in The Avengers.  They're still playing on that joke, but not making it the focal point of the film; based on what we've seen so far of course.  
The lovely Scarlett Johansson is back, in a much bigger role that previous Marvel films.  Looking forward to that.  I also love the brief shot of Frank Grillo in the trailer too.  I wont spoil it here, but his character is a big deal in the Captain America universe.  It's still a little unclear who Robert Redford's character is, and where his true intentions lie.  Samuel L. Jackson is briefly shown as Nick Fury, again.  And finally, who is the Winter Soldier?!  If you read the comics, you know already; but I'm not about to spoil it here.  Wait to you find out who it is!  Good stuff.

Lots of missing pieces, but a great trailer nonetheless.  Looking forward to yet another great Marvel film.  

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