Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones close to signing with Marvel as Ant Man and Wasp

Rudd and Jones in the 2009 comedy, I Love You, Man
If you saw I Love You, Man in 2009, there's one thing you probably noticed.  The lead couple, played by Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones, have some great chemistry together.  They performances were both subtle and heartwarming; as Rudd's character searched for someone to make his best man at his wedding.  Well, it appears as though they'll re-team in a MUCH different capacity.  In a Marvel superhero film nonetheless!

The two are said to be close to signing on to Edgar Wright's, Ant-Man.  It's a film slated for a 2015 release.  Rudd would play Dr. Hank Pym; who invents a size altering suit.  Jones would play Janet van Dyne, who later takes on the moniker of Wasp.  Her character, much like Ant-Man, can change in size.  This casting is all categorically 'rumor' at this point.  There are however multiple sources verifying that deals are being worked on.

I love Paul Rudd, and I really like Rashida Jones' acting too.  I watch her show, Parks and Recreation religiously, and was sad to hear she would be leaving the show this season.  Rudd has been very busy the last 5 or 6 years.  From The 40 Year Old Virgin, to Admission, he's a model of consistency in Hollywood.  His films generally make money, and are usually critically praised (minus Wanderlust of course).  I would be more than ok with either of these actors being cast in these roles.  I'm not so sure fanboys and girls would be though.

As long ago as May 2010, fan favorite Nathan Fillion was rumored to have nabbed the role of Ant-Man.  And a few weeks later, the internet ran amok with the rumor that Eva Longoria would play Wasp.  Now we have to wait and see when actors will officially sign on.  I'll keep everyone posted!

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