Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons cast as Lex Luthor, Alfred Pennyworth in 'Batman vs. Superman'

Big casting news for the Man of Steel sequel.  Academy award nominee, Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Superman's most famous villain, Lex Luthor.  The news came after weeks of speculation about who would play the famous villain.  Everyone from "Breaking Bad's" Bryan Cranston, to Joaquin Phoenix were rumored to be in the running.  That's a wide range as far as the age of the actors rumored to play the part.  Cranston is almost 58 years old, while Phoenix is almost 40.  But the script obviously called for a younger version of the billionaire character; with Eisenberg just turning 30.  Far different from who we've seen play the character in past incarnations (Gene Hackman, Superman I, II, IV & Kevin Spacey, Superman Returns).

Eisenberg's casting came as a bit of a surprise to me.  I am very torn by the news.  On one hand, I think he is a very capable actor who can do it all.  He's been in great comedies like Zombieland, as well as terrific dramas like The Social Network.  On the other hand, I've almost typecast Eisenberg as the 'smart ass' in every movie, regardless of the genre.  I don't see the actor and think, 'this is a diabolical guy hellbent on ridding the world of Superman'.

I could be wrong, and hope I am; but I am not 100% sold on this casting.  Producer Christopher Nolan and Director Zack Snyder have made one great choice after another on the film, so who are we to question their decisions?

While Eisenberg got a bulk of the attention yesterday, another great actor was cast in the 'Batman vs. Superman' film.  Academy award winner, Jeremy Irons has been cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman's trusted butler, Alfred Pennyworth.  Irons has an incredible resume and can do almost anything on screen.  I love this casting.  Much like Michael Caine in the Dark Knight trilogy, Irons brings a sense of grandeur and parental guidance needed to balance Bruce Wayne's ambition of saving Gotham city.  I doubt he will have much screen time in the film; but if the Man of Steel sequel does well, I would assume a rebooted Batman franchise, starring Irons and Ben Affleck, wouldn't be too far behind.

Hate it or love it, these fine actors have been cast in iconic roles.  What are your thoughts on casting news?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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