Saturday, May 17, 2014

Interstellar trailer; another Nolan masterpiece?

Christopher Nolan has an uncanny ability to keep his films as secretive as possible, yet entice flocks of people to want to see them.  I remember walking into the theater to see Inception, not having a clue what it was about; yet the trailers had me so curious, I couldn't help but see it on opening day.  We know that Nolan has a wonderful gift for story telling, but can he continue his streak of hits with Interstellar?  Here's the trailer, and my thoughts after.

Well, as purely a movie trailer, it's not the best I've ever seen.  It's a bit rushed, and overly-packed with characters that may or may not be an integral part of the story.  Also, it may give away TOO much.  Inception's marketing was wonderful in that it didn't tell you what the exact plot of the film was, but the world in which the movie took place was showcased.  I feel like this trailer is a bit too plot heavy.

I do like however, Matthew McConaughey's character being explored a bit further.  We get a sense of who the character is, what his passions are in life, what his motivations are, etc.  There are other actors shown in the trailer, but only for a second or two; notably, Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck and Michael Caine.  Look, Nolan and McConaughey's involvement alone will earn my $15.00; but I want to hold out for a bit more before I get as excited as I was to see Inception or The Dark Knight.  Enough about me, who's pumped to see this movie?!

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