Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quickie: Ben Affleck's Batman and Batmobile unveiled

Check out Ben Affleck's Batman!  The photo was revealed today via Twitter, by the director of the Man of Steel sequel, Zack Snyder.  I love what they've done with the suit.  The shorter ears are a welcomed change from Christian Bale's incarnation of the character.  Also, I like the leather cape which we really haven't seen since the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman.  The logo on the chest is different and I'm not much of a fan of it, but I'll have to wait and see more before I rush to judgement.  I like the toned 'superhuman' look of the abdomen and biceps too.  And check out the Batmobile!  It has a much more menacing look than the Tumbler did in the Nolan universe.  It has wings too, which I'm sure will be explained in some snarky line of dialogue.

I know this sounds funny, but this Batman feels like it belongs in the same 'universe' as the Superman showcased in Man of Steel.  What are your thoughts?  Do you like this Batman and the world that's been built around him?

This is the image teased yesterday on Snyder's Twitter account

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