Monday, October 27, 2014

Quickie: Christian Bale cast as Steve Jobs

Christian Bale has joined the Steve Jobs biopic, written by Academy Award winning writing, Aaron Sorkin.  The film is not yet titled.

Since the script was completed, Sorkin was pushing for Bale to play the part of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs.  The movie has been in somewhat of a limbo, and for multiple reasons. First was the Ashton Kutcher film, and then the producers' inability to land a director.  Or the director they initially wanted anyway.

Producer Scott Rudin and Sorkin wanted to re-team with their The Social Network director, David Fincher.  But when Sony wouldn't pay up Fincher's 10 million dollar fee, the Oscar nominated director turned down the project.

All the while Bale was the front runner for the lead role.  So when Sony couldn't get one Oscar nominated director, what did they do?  Go out and get an Oscar winning director in Danny Boyle.  Boyle won his Academy Award for Slumdog Millionaire.

Between Sorkin's writing, Boyle's directing, and Bale's impeccable method acting; I think we're all in for a treat.  Very much looking forward to this film.

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