Saturday, November 1, 2014

Quickie: Foxcatcher trailer. Is the film going straight to the Oscars?

I know I am waaay behind on spotlighting this film.  But I've promised myself time away from work, a couple of times a week, to update the blog and get caught up on all the great movies and trailers that have been released the past few months.  Check out the trailer below for the movie garnering a LOT of buzz, Foxcatcher.  

Reminds me an awful lot of the Whiplash trailer, released earlier this year.  Both films deal with a mentor/mentee situation of sorts.  In Foxcatcher, it's Channing Tatum training to be the best Wrestler in the country, and an obviously disturbed Steve Carrell training him.  The tone and style of the film make the hair on the back of your neck rise.  It's a terrific trailer, that leaves us uncomfortable with the events we're watching; but it makes us want to see what happens.  

The movie is getting a lot of positive buzz, and some are calling it a sure fire Oscar contender.  In fact, of the critics that have already seen it, 90% gave it a positive review on  The reviews are coming from critics that have seen the film on the film festival circuit.  I for one can not wait to see the film, later this month.  It looks dark, intense, and career-defining for both Tatum and Carell.  What are your thoughts?  Is it the kind of movie you'll jump at the opportunity to watch?  Or is it too much for you to see Magic Mike and Michael Scott fall into darkness?   

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