Sunday, March 26, 2017

Justice League Trailer and Reaction Video

The Justice League trailer is finally here!  Not a teaser, not Comic Con footage, but a real, full length trailer!  The movie is of course directed by Zack Snyder and stars a slew of Hollywood A-listers.  You'll have an opportunity to see the trailer down below.  But first, check out my initial reaction to it.

My initial thought is that DC and Warner Brothers have learned from their mistakes and lightened up the tone... significantly.  Thank GOD!  Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad were critically panned and fans of the genre were left disappointed.  

I like how all the heroes get ample screen time.  That's going to be critical in this film.  This point was something that I loved about the 2012 blockbuster hit, The Avengers.  

And speaking of the Avengers, it's going to be difficult to watch this movie WITHOUT comparing it to its Marvel counterpart.  Watching this trailer, and seeing the swarms of Parademons descend on our heroes, was very much reminiscent of the Chitauri in the Avengers.  

And can we talk about Aquaman for a second?  I firmly believe he is going to be the breakout character of this film.  They gave him a sense of humor and a general sense of bad ass, we haven't seen before with this character.

And lastly are all the iconic moments in the trailer.  Wonder Woman dropping down to lead Aquaman and Cybord.  The Flash using his speed to beat up bad guys.  Commissioner Gordon working with the Justice League.  Or how about Aquaman riding ontop of the freaking Batmobile, with Batman driving him into a set of Parademons!?

Be sure to leave us a comment and subscribe to the YouTube channel so we can chat about the trailer!  What did you think of the trailer?  You as excited as I am for this new Justice League film?  

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