About Us

Hello loyal readers.  This is Tony.  Matt and I created this blog because of our passion for movies, that's pretty obvious.  But here's a back story to how it all began...

A few years ago, Matt moved across the country from Boston, MA to a little city named Chico, CA.  I grew up my whole life in Chico and was very comfortable there.  I graduated college and moved to sunny southern California for work.  Matt finished up high school and a couple of moves later, ended up living with me and my brother.  Matt later moved out, but we kept up on all our movie news.

We were hanging out one night after watching a movie and thought of a way to bring all our friends together on a weekly basis to watch movies.  We very fittingly called it "Movie Monday".  It started out small, groups of 3 to 5 guys.  And as the Mondays rolled by, the groups got bigger and bigger (the biggest group was during Disney-Pixar's Up, btw).

Eventually we wanted to come up with a way to tell the world what we thought of movies.  So Matt and I had the short lived idea of creating a web-series of movie reviews, and we would call it Agree to Disagree: Movie Night with Matt and Tony.  A bit long, I know.  The deal is, Matt and I never agree on movies.  If we both love a film, it's spectacular.  If we both disliked a movie, we know it's absolute crap.  But everything in between is an argument.  That's the beauty of art, we all see it differently.  That's what we were hoping for the show.  But with school, work for both of us, married life for me, etc.  It proved too difficult to do.  So what else could we do?!

Then the idea came to me, a blog!  The very blog you're on right now.  Agree to Disagree: Movies with Matt and Tony.  Or AtD for short.  It maybe just a little blog to people out there, but to us, it's an amazing way to express our love for movies.  Yes, there's constantly news being released everyday; and in literally hundreds of different ways every few seconds.  But the blog is about more than the latest news.  It's a way to show that if you truly love something, you'll do it for free, not because you have to.  So enjoy our news and reviews, we do it because seriously, we love it.

A picture of Movie Monday for Disney-Pixar's Up.