About Me

Hey everyone! This is Tony, creator of the AtD Movie Blog.  Back in April of 2009, I came up with the idea to start a movie blog, because I felt it was a way to voice my opinions about movies.  I would blog about movie news, trailers, and post reviews as well.

As time went by, the activity on the blog would fluctuate, depending on how busy my life became.  But I tried my best to keep it going.  AtD became a saying around my friends and family.  People would ask me all the time, 'How's AtD doing?'.  AtD of course stands for Agree to Disagree.  Not exactly a new term in the English language.  But, I found a way to make it my own when debating movies with people.

Then, I noticed the world was changing.  News and media was shifting away from print, and towards video media.  So, naturally, YouTube felt like the next logical step in the evolution of this Blog.  So in December of 2016, I launched the AtD Movie Channel on YouTube.  Continuing with the mission to voice my opinion on movies, it has became an ancillary platform for me to share my thoughts.  For those friends, family and strangers across the world that have visited the blog hundreds of thousands of time, I say thank you.  

I'm just a random guy that loves movies, and wishes to share his thoughts with the world.  So thank you.  You can click the link below to check out the YouTube page as well. 

 AtD Movie Channel